Some Tips for Protecting Your Audio Equipment

Most people spend a fair amount of money on their audio gear. Some spend tens of thousands if not more than $100,000 on high-and audio amplifiers and speakers. Obviously, you want to protect your investment. I will show you some easy methods for protecting your audio gear. Just spent a few minutes to read this post and I guarantee you will not regret it.

There are several things that can happen to your audio gear: obviously, the first thing that can happen is that you gear is stolen by somebody. In order to protect your investment, you should spend some money on a good alarm system. Also, this alarm system should include cameras that are placed towards where your audio gears located. Hopefully that way you will be able to identify any intruder afterwards. Also, make sure that you have good locks and that your windows can be locked properly as well. You might want to think about getting a dog. A dog is man’s best friend. It can alert you about intruders early on. Also, make sure that you take out insurance on your equipment. You should take pictures of you gear while it is set up so that if something is stolen you can prove to your insurance carrier exactly what has been stolen. Also, make sure you keep copies of receipts.

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The next thing that can happen to your equipment is failure due to power surges. Power surges frequently occur when there are faults on the power line. The best way to protect your equipment against these types of power surges is by using a powerful protector. This protector can be installed by any qualified electrician. Make sure that the protection has proper certification. If you don’t want to spend money on hiring an electrician then my recommendation is to purchase a clean power source or a surge protector. You can also get an uninterruptible power supply. Both the clean power source and the uninterruptible power supply go to great lengths to filter any surges that may exist on the power line. If you have equipment set up outdoors, make sure that it is grounded properly.

Almost every piece of high-and audio equipment uses power connectors that have a ground line. This ground line is therefore reason. Never use inferior power cords and ensure that if you connect the equipment via power strips that ground is forwarded by the power strip. Surge protectors are probably the least expensive way of protecting your equipment. However, they don’t always work reliably. Some work better than others. So usually the rule of thumb is the more money you invest in protecting your equipment the safer it will be.

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