How to Get the Most Out Of Your New Cell Phone

If you are a newbee when it comes to cell phones then it is easy to make mistakes. I will show you how you can avoid making those types of mistakes and also how to minimize your phone bill.

Wireless phone providers are always inventing new ways to lower their customers to spend more money. One of the easiest traps is using wireless data without having picked a suitable data plan. Every new smart phone pretty much has a setting which allows the phone to access the Internet via the wireless provider. This setting is usually buried somewhere in the advanced settings menu. By default, it is usually set to on. That means if you are accessing the Internet the data will automatically be streamed through the mobile provider.

You might not even realize that you are accessing the Internet via the wireless phone provider because you assume that you are within range of your wireless home network. If you have switched the Wi-Fi signal on your phone to on then typically the phone would use your wireless network signal. However, once you leave your house or no longer have access to your router, the phone automatically would use your mobile carrier instead. However, that can cost big bucks. You might be surprised to have a phone bill of several hundred dollars at the end of the month.

If you don’t need to access the Internet while on the road and I recommend just switching off this option on your phone. That will avoid these accidental charges. If you do however need to access the Internet even outside of your home then I recommend signing up for data plan. These data plans usually have 1 GB of data included. However, once you exceed that amount then you will be charged horrendous data rates. So it is quite important to assess how much data you would actually stream. I do not recommend watching TV on your phone because video consumes huge amounts of data.

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There are some apps available which monitor your data rate and will send you a warning once you get close to the maximum allotted bandwidth. I strongly suggest installing one of these apps because that will prevent you exceeding your limit. They also some flat rate data plans available. However, these data plans are usually quite expensive. Unless you really need these huge amounts of data, I would not recommend signing up for such a plan. I would instead recommend enhancing the wireless range of your router at home because you probably have a flat rate Internet connection.

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