Tips for Transferring Your Music Collection onto a Smart Phone

Smart phones are great tools for taking you music on the road. They can plug into your home stereo system or you can stream music wirelessly. Also, you can easily interface between your smart phone and your car stereo. However, before you can take your music with you, you will have to transfer your music onto your phone. Let me discuss some options for this.

If you have music on CDs then the first step in transferring music is to rip you CDs and create MP3s or music files in other formats. The best way to do this is by using a DVD-ROM drive. Using a rum drive versus playing music through a conventional CD player has the advantage that the data is captured directly and there is no additional conversion process involved which maximizes the sound quality of your audio files.

To do this, you will also need a ripper software. There are some freeware programs on the market as well as some programs which cost money. I always recommend purchasing a program because then you will receive customer support in case of problems. These programs typically will generate a way file. Way file can be transferred directly onto your phone but I would not recommend this because of their size. It is much smarter to convert your way files into other formats. The most common format is MP3.

Your software which rips tracks from a CD might already have an MP3 encoder built in. If it doesn’t, you will need another piece of software to convert the way file into MP3 files. Instead of MP3 files you could also go with some other audio formats. One of my personal favorite formats as AAC because it minimizes the size of the file while keeping the sound quality similar to MP3. However, make sure that the player app on your phone supports that particular format. Once you have transferred all of your music into audio files you should tag them. There are some automatic tag programs available but they don’t work 100%. I recommend using an automated program initially in then manually name the remaining tracks.

After you have generated your music files, you can transfer them onto your phone. I recommend equipping your phone with an external memory card. When transferring the files, make sure to specify the memory card as storage location. This will ensure that the music files do not take up space on your phone’s valuable internal memory.

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