How to Connect Some Speakers to a Guitar

When practicing with an electric guitar, you need some speakers to reproduce sound. They are specialized speakers which connect to an electric guitar via cable and have to volume control built-in. However, some people don’t like the hassle of being tied to the amplifier by cable. Therefore, you might want to investigate a wireless option.

Wireless technology has become more common in the professional stage environment. Most notably, wireless microphones and in ear monitors are commonplace nowadays and live performances. However, musical instruments typically still hardwired. They are several manufacturers of wireless speaker equipment. You might want to check out wireless speakers from Amphony. They offer a line of wireless transmitters and wireless speakers. The transmitter unit is usually fairly small and can easily be powered by a battery. It connects to the guitar by using a standard 6.3 mm headphone Jack. However, the transmitter unit doesn’t half such a connector, you will need an adapter cable. Your local TV store can easily make up such cable or you can order one online.

You can connect a 9 V battery to the transmitter by using a standard battery clip. Make sure that you question both the battery and the transmitter unit such that it can move freely. Otherwise the sound from the guitar will be affected.

wireless speakers for outdoors

Also, before starting a life performance, be sure to use a fresh battery. Also, you might want to tweak the transmitter settings to be sure that you won’t experience clipping. Clipping can easily occur when the sound that is output by the guitar exceeds the maximum level which is understood by the transmitter. Unfortunately, digital transmitters nowadays have a fairly limited input range. Without knowing the output signal, you will have to try adjusting the volume knob until you get a setting which is satisfactory.

Also, if you have multiple guitars on stage then you might want to tweak the channel settings. The wireless kits from Amphony typically use adaptive frequency hopping. That means you don’t have to channel setting that you can adjust. Alternatively, you can also purchase wireless sets from Shure which will have a channel setting.

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