How to Connect Some Speakers to a Guitar

When practicing with an electric guitar, you need some speakers to reproduce sound. They are specialized speakers which connect to an electric guitar via cable and have to volume control built-in. However, some people don’t like the hassle of being tied to the amplifier by cable. Therefore, you might want to investigate a wireless option.

Wireless technology has become more common in the professional stage environment. Most notably, wireless microphones and in ear monitors are commonplace nowadays and live performances. However, musical instruments typically still hardwired. They are several manufacturers of wireless speaker equipment. You might want to check out wireless speakers from Amphony. They offer a line of wireless transmitters and wireless speakers. The transmitter unit is usually fairly small and can easily be powered by a battery. It connects to the guitar by using a standard 6.3 mm headphone Jack. However, the transmitter unit doesn’t half such a connector, you …

Tips for Transferring Your Music Collection onto a Smart Phone

Smart phones are great tools for taking you music on the road. They can plug into your home stereo system or you can stream music wirelessly. Also, you can easily interface between your smart phone and your car stereo. However, before you can take your music with you, you will have to transfer your music onto your phone. Let me discuss some options for this.

If you have music on CDs then the first step in transferring music is to rip you CDs and create MP3s or music files in other formats. The best way to do this is by using a DVD-ROM drive. Using a rum drive versus playing music through a conventional CD player has the advantage that the data is captured directly and there is no additional conversion process involved which maximizes the sound quality of your audio files.

To do this, you will also need a ripper software. There …

The Correct Way to Set up Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers come in all different shapes and sizes. There passive speakers, active speakers as well as wireless speakers. Choosing the right type of speaker can be difficult enough. However, correctly setting them up can be even more perplexing. Therefore, I have compiled this following guide which will help you in deciding on what type of speaker you require is well as how to set it up.

Amphony cordless speakers

If you already have an amplifier then I would recommend you purchase some passive speakers. The number of speakers depends on how many channels of audio you require. For listening to music, two speakers are usually sufficient. However, for watching movies you might want to have between five and eight speakers. You don’t necessarily require wireless models because if the amplifier is close to the location of each speaker then you can simply connect them by using speaker cable. Depending on whether your power amplifier has speaker …

How to Get the Most Out Of Your New Cell Phone

If you are a newbee when it comes to cell phones then it is easy to make mistakes. I will show you how you can avoid making those types of mistakes and also how to minimize your phone bill.

Wireless phone providers are always inventing new ways to lower their customers to spend more money. One of the easiest traps is using wireless data without having picked a suitable data plan. Every new smart phone pretty much has a setting which allows the phone to access the Internet via the wireless provider. This setting is usually buried somewhere in the advanced settings menu. By default, it is usually set to on. That means if you are accessing the Internet the data will automatically be streamed through the mobile provider.

You might not even realize that you are accessing the Internet via the wireless phone provider because you assume that you are within range …

Some Tips for Protecting Your Audio Equipment

Most people spend a fair amount of money on their audio gear. Some spend tens of thousands if not more than $100,000 on high-and audio amplifiers and speakers. Obviously, you want to protect your investment. I will show you some easy methods for protecting your audio gear. Just spent a few minutes to read this post and I guarantee you will not regret it.

There are several things that can happen to your audio gear: obviously, the first thing that can happen is that you gear is stolen by somebody. In order to protect your investment, you should spend some money on a good alarm system. Also, this alarm system should include cameras that are placed towards where your audio gears located. Hopefully that way you will be able to identify any intruder afterwards. Also, make sure that you have good locks and that your windows can be locked properly as well. You …